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Adult ASD Psychological Treatment Services- A New Service

Posted in Psicon's Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services

Psicon is happy to announce the expansion of the NDLS service. Specialist children’s services have been available over a number of years and we are now able to offer specialist ASD services to adults.


Dr Daniel Simmonds, clinical psychologist and director at Psicon, said ‘I am very excited about this new development in our autism service and look forward to ensure that the adults in Kent also receive...

Personality Change After Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted in Psicon's Neurorehabilitation at Psicon (NAP)

People are very aware of the destructive consequences of traumatic brain injury and how it can affect individuals lives. Traumatic brain injury can cause changes in cognition, behaviour, emotion as well as personality characteristics. Brain injuries usually cause a deterioration of aspects of neurocognitive functions, can negatively impact on mood functions, and affect the behaviour in negative ways. Personality...

Coaching For Language Learning

Contributed to ‘An Introduction to Coaching for Language Learning’ by Emmanuelle Betham M Ed (Applied Linguistics) with reference to important psychological principles including concepts of ‘locus of control’ (the degree of control or responsibility people believe they can take for their own lives/success.), cognitive behaviour principles and consideration of the biopsychosocial model of health and wellbeing to support...