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Multidisciplinary services in vocational rehabiliation

Psicon now offer multidisciplinary rehabilitation programmes for individuals returning to work, or planning on a return to work, following a period of leave with health difficulties. The transition back to an old routine can present many challenges, and Psicon’s rehabilitation programmes, combining psychological treatment, physiotherapy, personal training, and occupational therapy, will aim to tailor therapeutic input to meet each...

Sensitively Approaching Individuals with Suspected Eating Disorders in the Workplace

An article in this months Occupational Health journal by Nicola Davies provides useful advice on how HR, line managers and OH practitioners can sensitively approach individuals with suspected eating disorders in the workplace.


It is estimated that more than 725,000 people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence estimates around 11% of those affected by...

The Need For a Company Culture that is Open about Stress

An article in Occupational Health this month reveals that almost half of UK senior managers confess to feeling stressed (all or most of the time). A poll of 1000 senior business managers, managing directors, CEO’s and company owners by Health Insurers AXA PPP have also found that 92% have suffered from stress at some point.


Clinicians from Psicon’s Occupational Health Services support a statement...