Psicon Group

About Us

The Psicon Group comprises six areas of specialist psychological and health services: Adult Mental Health Services; Child, Young People and Family Services; Community-Based Neurological Rehabilitation Services; Occupational Health Psychology Services; Medico-Legal Services; and Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Services. Through these, we provide prompt access to high quality professionals offering consultations, assessments, therapy and rehabilitation.

Our services support a range of clients, from individuals and their families to corporations both local and larger, and from the uniformed services to schools, universities and other centres of education.

Additionally, the Psicon Group works in partnership with the NHS to provide children, young people as well as adults with access to neurodevelopmental assessments such as autism and ADHD. 

At the Psicon Group we are committed to offering the best psychological support and healthcare available. We take an innovative approach to the delivery of our services and ensure that they are of the highest standards in the industry.

Our History

Psicon was established in 1998 by Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist Mr LJ Conradie. Our service originally focused on supporting individuals, local businesses and corporate clients in the effective management of mental health conditions. As the business expanded and client demand increased, the company relocated first to Dover Street, Canterbury, during 2002, then to 70 New Dover Road in 2008, and then, in 2016, to 15 New Dover Road.  

Since Psicon’s inception we have been successful in developing quality psychological and health services due to excellent leadership from our senior staff and management team. Consultants in psychology and other specialist health services have contributed to new business developments and an increasing clinical expertise. We are now proud to offer a wide-range of specialist services: for children, younger people and families; for adults with mental health difficulties; in community rehabilitation following brain injury; and in assessment of and support for neurodevelopmental lifespan disorders. In addition, we also provide expert witness services to solicitors and the court. 

Our ability to respond to the needs of not only the local population but also clients further afield has been recognised, and clients who contracted with us 18 years ago continue to use Psicon as their preferred provider of psychological support.

Our Core Values


Commitment to our professional work as individuals and as part of a team. We strive to deliver exceptional clinical interventions that are supported by extremely efficient and effective management and administration.

Commitment to our teams and Psicon as an organisation. We value ‘going the extra mile’ in order to deliver on our goals and to contribute to an organisation we believe in.



Trust in each other. We need to be able to trust each other to deliver on the promises we make to each other. Whether the goals are big or small we believe very strongly that trust is vital in a successful team.

Trust in us. We seek to inspire trust from the clients who use our services. From the therapist in the room to the receptionist taking the calls, we want our clients to feel they can completely trust us with confidential information to ensure a professional and discrete personal service. 



Integrity to us means always doing the right thing, even when that is the most difficult thing. We believe that it is not always possible to do things 100% right, 100% of the time but it is always possible to work with integrity and ensure we do the right thing every time.

Working in a setting that offers psychological and health support to people when they often feel most vulnerable means that we commit to always doing the right thing for them as professionals.



We believe in being kind at work: kind to each other and kind to our clients. Genuine kindness is a core value for Psicon and this can mean making a cup of tea for a colleague when they are busy or a simple offer of help. It should feature in every interaction we have with each other and always be on our minds.

When people seek support from us we hope to meet them with kindness and respect for their situation. This should be from the first phone call to the final session and is a core value on which Psicon was built.

Management Team

Mr LJ Conradie

CPsychol, AFBPsS


Managing Director
Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

Dr Daniel William Simmonds

D.Clin.Psych, CPsychol

Chartered Clinical Psychologist 

Louis Conradie




Head of Finance


Louise Simpson

Assoc CIPD



Human Resources & Operations Manager


Our Specialist Services

  • Adult Mental Health

    High quality psychological support and psychiatry services for a range of mental health difficulties. 

  • Children, Young People and
    Family Service

    Expert assessment and treatment of psychological difficulties experienced by younger people.

  • Neurological Rehabilitation

    A fully comprehensive, community-based, interdisciplinary neurorehabilitation team.

  • Occupational Health Psychology

    Clinical and Counselling Psychology assessment and support, training and consultancy, and Medico-Legal services.

  • Medico-Legal

    Comprehensive, independent psychological and psychiatric service to support and inform a wide range of legal processes.

  • Neurodevelopmental
    Lifespan Services

    A seamless service of assessment and support for neurodevelopmental conditions (such as autism, ADHD and dyslexia) at any age.