Medico-Legal Services


Psicon's Medico-Legal Services offer a comprehensive, independent psychological and psychiatric service to support and inform a wide range of legal processes, including:

Medico-Legal and Expert Witness Services at Psicon

Our team of Consultant Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Consultant Neuropsychologists have extensive experience in their fields and in providing expert reports of psychological and psychiatric assessment for legal processes. They are registered as Expert Witnesses and are registered with their respective professional bodies.

Our experts are also available for consultation and regularly appear in court in relation to cases where an individual may suffer from psychological, psychiatric or neurological difficulties as a result of an accident or traumatic event.

Our Expert Clinicians

Mr LJ Conradie

Managing Director

Mr Conradie is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society, he is a member of the...

Professor Chris Fox

Consultant Psychiatrist

Professor Chris Fox is an accredited as a specialist in adult and old age psychiatry working with individuals over 16...

News and Views

Traumatic Brain Injury and the Criminal Justice...

A recent article in The Lancet Psychiatry (Williams et al, 2018) has discussed the association between...

29 Mar 2018

Bespoke Training Programmes to Solicitors, Legal...

Our Medico-Legal training department has scrutinised years of instruction in Family Proceedings and is now providing...

24 Nov 2015

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