Support Services

  • If you have been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental condition, it can be difficult to know where to turn next. At NDLS we offer a triage appointment where you can discuss all your needs with a team of experts who will talk you through all the possible support we offer. You can then decide on what you would like and set goals for your support, which can then begin in the following appointment. Our team will read through all relevant documents you have prior to the appointment and there will be plenty of time to discuss and ask questions.

If you have already been recommended a specific type of support that you would like to begin, we can make the arrangements for that immediately. After contacting us for this purpose, we will arrange a short consultation with an appropriate professional to confirm your goals for support and then make the arrangements.

Psicon’s Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Service offers a wide range of support from the most highly qualified consultants.The Neurodevelopmental Lifespan Service offers services to both younger and older people in the following specialist teams:

If you are looking for support for yourself or for a child, young person or older person then there are various options available.

  • Option 1

    A triage appointment when you would receive an assessment by a clinical psychologist who would be able to present to you all the relevant support. This would usually look like a ‘menu’ of possibilities, which you would then select those that you would like.

  • Option 2

    If you already know what kind of support you want, you can book in with the relevant clinician directly. For example, your child already has a diagnosis of ADHD and a well-tolerated medication but would like some behavioural strategies from a psychologist.